Meet the All-Female Team Behind Intimately!

We've been undergoing some big transitions here at Intimately as we get ready to launch our very FIRST original line and so the team has been working nonstop! We've had such an awesome time through this busy period getting to know each other better and becoming more of a cohesive family. At Intimately, our ultimate goal is to form an awesome community of women that empower and uplift each other, and all of us on the team want to be a part of the community. So today we're going to have a unique blog post where we have each of the team member answer some questions about their time and Intimately and what makes this company so special to work at. If you ever want to talk to any of the team members about their experiences make sure to sign up for our community- you can find any of us on there!


First we're going to meet Alyssa! She handles everything creative-related for Intimately and is always coming up with new and fun graphics or content for us. She has an amazing creative eye and will always give you advice for any graphic design you're creating (even if it's 2 AM). Alyssa also has a great assistant, her adorable dog (Wish) who likes to make an appearance in our team meetings and help us with our brainstorming sessions.

When did you start working at Intimately?

I started working for Intimately in July 2020. Quite honestly, it was a huge bright spot in the height of the pandemic for me.

What made you want to join the Intimately team?

There were several reasons why I joined Intimately. First and foremost, I really believed in their mission and the message of inclusion they were spreading through fashion and body confidence. For a brand that serves the disability community so well, I wanted to help serve them in return. As a disabled woman myself, I also know the struggle of finding clothes that are equally functional and fashionable. Getting to work in this fashion environment was another enticing factor for me! Plus, it has allowed me to take my creativity to new levels.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part about working for Intimately is the community. I have learned so much from so many of those living with disabilities and have even formed new bonds with them. My life feels so much more enriched.

What is your favorite Intimately memory?

Seeing our new lines of lingerie and pajamas for the first time has got to be up there with my favorite Intimately memories. I can’t wait until we can share them with the world!

What is a fun fact about you?

I built Intimately’s current website! I’m a huge graphic design nerd and am a big fan of pretty color combinations, digital illustration, and helping people and businesses create an aesthetic that represents them well.