Every outfit starts with a basic bra and a pair of underwear. But what if your disability makes it difficult to even get on a traditional bra and underwear?


We could not easily find any underwear online that was both FUNCTIONAL for women with disabilities but also FASHIONABLE. We decided to dig deep and find small mom & pop brands that sell underwear and bras for that fit the needs of women with disabilities.


Intimately is a marketplace that sells underwear from Dear Kates, SlickChicks, Elba London, and Wings Intimates.


We believe all women deserve to feel beautiful in clothing made for them

about the founder

Emma became aware of adaptive apparel through her mom who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when Emma was 12. She saw how her mom changed after her diagnosis and the effects of chronic pain. When Emma started Brown University she met students with chronic illnesses and other disabilities and decided to do more research on how disabilities and chronic pain affect how women get dressed. This aligned her love for apparel design and her devotion to her mother and others going through the same life challenges.

Any given day you can find Emma drawing and painting, learning how to cook something other than her famous mac & cheese, or reading a mystery novel.

Our Fashion Technology

Front Opening Magnetic Bra

Say goodbye to annoying j-hooks that clip in the back. With  magnets on the front of the bra, it's so easy to put on. No more shoulder aches  and  more more fumbling with our fingers to attach a tine hook.

Side Opening Undies

This underwear fastens on the side. You can simply stay stated and thread the underwear beneath you. You will not have to bend over or lift your leg to put on these panties.

Period Panties

Changing sanitary napkins and tampons can be very difficult for some of us. Period panties allow us to free bleed into anti-bacterial, moisture free, odor free lacey underwear.

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Meet The Team

Emma Butler

CEO & Founder

Julia Xu


Anastasia Mahdavian

Content Marketing Intern

Yenteen Hu

Marketing Intern

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